Art Course/Workshop in English at #MuseumKunstpalast in #Düsseldorf, 04.09.2016


After a short and inspiring visit to selected artworks/exhibits in the Museum Kunstpalast, participants will proceed to doing exciting practical works of their own in the museum workshop. This course/workshop is designed as an ongoing offer to all English speaking citizens, expatriates and visitors to learn more about art and art making techniques. Therefore the workshop will be held 4 times a year and will focus on different artworks and techniques every time. The aim is to have an enjoyable, experimental art experience. All materials are provided. Next date: 20.11.2016

Course instructor: Christina Puth
Fee: 20 €


King’s Singers in Germany, various dates


The King’s Singers are a British a cappella vocal ensemble founded in 1968. There have been 24 members of the King’s Singers since the original stable group was established, for whom the average length of tenure is around 12 years. If you wish to listen to them, check out these dates:

26.07.16, Konstanz |
27.07.16, Mühlhausen |
29.07.16, Kassel |
30.07.16, Freiensteinau |
08.10.16, Dresden |
25.03.17, Otterndorf |