Britlandish asks … Katharina to whom ‘English matters’


Hello Katharina,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ask you some questions. You are one of the many Germans who love Great Britain.

When did this love begin?

I guess when I was 13. My mum sent me to Britain for the summer (I must have been a horrible child at that age!!) and I loved it from day one on.

What do you like about Great Britain and/or the English language?

I love the landscape, the weather (yes, I do!! I don’t think much of hot and sunny days, they always make me feel like I ought to do something – what? – outside. I can’t read in sunlight, so I prefer to stay indoors, watch the rain, enjoy a nice cup of tea and READ! My perfect day.)

I’m a big fan of English literature and the theatre. They’re among the finest in the world!

Jobwise you deal a lot with English. What made you start “English matters”?

I urgently needed a change!! I was so fed up with the teaching job I had that I quit and started my business. Today I think: the best idea I had in many years!!!!

I know that you are part of the British-German society in Holzwickede. Would you like to tell me a bit more about it?

There used to be many British soldiers and their families in the Dortmund-Holzwickede area. So it all started with coffee mornings for the British Ladies more than 30 years ago. There is still a large group of German Ladies who still meet every Wednesday morning, although all the British families have returned home by now.

We are twinned with Weymouth/Portland in Dorset and there are many activities and contacts between these two cities. You should really have a look at our website: we go on trips, offer all kinds of meetings: from the English Circle to presentations about Britain and very often there are more than, say, 50 or 60 people coming to our events!

Is Holzwickede entwined with other British-German societies?

That is quite difficult, to be honest! We tried to “cooperate” with other societies, but really there seems to be a kind of competition between them: who’s got the best programme? The more interesting topics, the better speakers, members….. I don’t know what!! So we gave up on that!

What a shame! 😦 

And what about the “Deutsche Shakespear Gesellschaft”?

I became a member of the “Deutsche Shakespeare Gesellschaft” during my first semester in Kiel. At that time it was “Gesellschaft West” and there was a second one “Ost”. So you can imagine I’ve been a member for quite a while!! They organise annual meetings, in Berlin, Weimar, Bochum, all over Germany and they’re quite an event!! Very academic, of course, but also entertaining.

I simply adore Shakespeare’s work, his language, everything. He’s Britain’s gift to the world. (doesn’t that sound Shakespearean?)

It certainly does 😀 

Things you tell Germans about Great Britain (good and/or bad):

Oh my! I speak about Britain a lot. Basically I want everybody to travel there and find out for themselves that the weather and the food is not at all THAT bad. (that’s what Germans seem to be very afraid of.)

Some years ago somebody asked me, if I get paid by the British Tourist Board and by any European Organisation having to do with the promotion of the Anglo-German Relationship.

I guess people like you and I are true embassadors of British life 😉

Thank you very much for this interesting conversation!

To contact “English matters”, click on this link.
To take a look at the British-German society Holzwickede, click on this link.
To find out more about the Deutsche Shakespear Gesellschaft click on this link.


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