Wilde Shamrock Touring Theatre


The Wilde Shamrock Touring Theatre was established to bring the English language to life in theatres and schools
throughout Europe. Each year they tour extensively across Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. The company is based on the traditions of Irish Actors, Storytellers and Musicians who have been travelling throughout Europe for decades. In ancient times in Ireland, a ‘Seanchai’ (Storyteller) used to travel throughout the land telling stories for food and lodging. His beautiful use of the language used to enthral his audience.

Based in Ireland, the aim of the company is to bind the audience and performers together in an act of imagination. Using native English speakers, they pride themselves on clarity, in both performance and speech. This combined with their deep rooted love of Irish music, makes it thoroughly entertaining and educational for all involved.

This is their repertoire for 2013 (taken from their website):

Talking Globish (New Show)
We take a look at globalisation and the international language of Globish. How did the world come to have so many languages? How did we come to decide on a common language? We take a light hearted look at international movements and how they have helped shape the modern world. We also look at the evolution of the English language and how modern concepts like text messaging are putting evolution into reverse.

Mythological Magic (New Show)
Are Leprechauns real? What other figures create Ireland’s mysterious mythology? Just how seriously do the Irish treat the fairy underworld? We take a look at Ireland’s mythology and reveal some of the stories of how Ireland’s landscape was shaped by mythical figures. We also show how Ireland’s early Christians used Irish mythology to explain God’s work. Everyone will also get an introduction to some of Europe’s oldest games. Gaelic Hurling and Gaelic Football.

Mythological Magic (For Younger Kids)
A look at all that Ireland’s mythology has to offer. The kids will hear about some of Ireland’s ancient figures. But rather than sitting on the side lines, the kids will be involved on telling the stories too. Then of course they will be introduced to Ireland’s ancient sports as well as learning some classic Irish songs.

An Evening of Song
For those who prefer the musical side of Irish culture we are now offering an evening of music and song. This has been a popular tradition for the company in the North of Germany, to play a show one evening and have a night of music another evening. A popular suggestion for anyone who wants an evening of fun and entertainment and a good sing along.

On tour in NRW in November.



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