Do you know: The Fudge Shop in Mönchengladbach?


The Fudge Shop is a British sweets shop plus online shop based in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt. It is run by Englishman Michael Vernon. They sell a wide range of British sweets and confectionary,  but also other English foods and gifts from the UK, e. g.:

  • English Tea bags – Tetley tea bags, PG Tips
  • Marmite
  • Walkers crisps
  • Cadburys chocolate Dairy milk, boxes of Cadburys biscuits
  • Sarsons malt vinegar
  • Colman’s mustard.
  • Mrs. Darlington’s Lemon Curd

or frozen foods like

  • English Pork Sausages –( Cumberland Sausages and Lincolnshire Sausages)
  • British bacon,
  • Hollands pies,
  • Pukka pies,
  • Black Pudding
  • Birds Eye Chicken Pies

 And of course a full range of British favorite sweets and English confectionary including

  • Cadburys chocolate
  • Walkers Crips
  • Fudge
  • Soft nougats

and last but not least a wide selection of British, English and UK Gifts and souvenirs.

You may find them here:

The Fudge Shop
Dahlener Straße 120

or visit their website.

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  1. A wonderful shop where you can buy all the things you miss from home! The shop is clean – spotless – and well-stocked. And, if you think of something they don’t have, simply ask Mike, or his staff, and within a few days he will get it for you! Great service and though t am now returning to my home in England, I wish Mike and the Fudge shop all the best. Thank you,


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