Irish storytelling events in Düsseldorf as of January 2015


The German-Irish club of Düsseldorf came up with the great idea for a series of storytelling events. Many of the stories the visitors will hear were told to them by their parents, their families or friends. Stories they had learned from their own parents in a line stretching back thousands of years.

As of January 2015, every second Monday a month, at 07:30 p.m. it is time to listen closely.

The stories are told in easy English, but English Native speakers will surely enjoy themselves too.

McLaughlin’s Pub
Kurze Straße 11

Entrance fee: 6,00 € at the door

Dates for 2015:

09. February 2015          13. July 2015

09. March 2015               10. August 2015

13. April 2015                 14. September 2015

11. May 2015                   12. October 2015

08. June 2015                 09. November 2015

                                            14. December 2015

Information taken from this flyer.


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