“English shop” – bald auch in #Dortmund


Ende September eröffnet in Dortmund der dritte “English Shop” (nach Köln und Bonn) für alle Liebhaber britischer Lebensmittel und ‘bits and bobs’ 😉 Zu finden wird der Laden hier sein: Westenhellweg 136. 

Artikel über die Neueröffnung.


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  1. Such a shame! I was so looking forward to an English Shop in Dortmund, especially as it is right around the corner in the main shopping centre. However, when I went there I was disappointed. The first thing I noticed was a lot of souvenirs, crisps and biscuits. Okay, admittedly, these are the most important items for Germans, but what about the approx. 2000 Brits allegedly living in Dortmund? I’ll bet most of them were looking forward to more English food. When I got there, there was only one packet of affordable sausages left, all others were over-priced, no salted butter, no English bread (it does taste different than the German toast). Over-pricing seems to be a general problem – how they expect to hold up for long in a working-class town like Dortmund with those prices is beyond me.


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