Reminder: Murder at Greenway House – Krimispiel @ VHS #Krefeld, 12.04.2016


Murder mystery game (for 8 adult players)
Welcome to Greenway House in Devon, the home of Agatha Christie. You belong to a group of tourists who only wanted to visit “Greenway House” and learn more about Agatha Christie, but then something cropped up – a dead body!

This murder mystery game makes you part of the action now. Each player will take on a role and receive a little booklet with enough inormation to become part of the investigation. Dark secrets will be revealed, hostilities will see the light of day, infidelity will show its ugly head. Is it even possible that one of you committed this gruesome crime? But be careful, that person could be – you!

You don´t need any acting experience, all you need is to be a little open-minded, outgoing and interested in finding out about the murder. And you should be able (and willing) to hold a conversation in English. 

Date and time: Tuesday, 12.04., 19.00-21.00 

More information: VHS Krefeld


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