For my interview series ‘Britlandish asks …’ I speak with people from Germany and the UK to find out about their lives, their jobs, about what they like and what they dislike, always with a view on British-German life.

Over the past 2 years I have spoken to several people who are either British and love Germany or German and love Great-Britain.

It is now time to give them their own page. Browse through the interviews and if you feel that you too have a story to tell, send me a message! I am looking forward to hearing from you!


01.11.2014 – Britlandish asks … Kerstin whose life is all about food. In Salopia and Ostfriesland.

19.10.2014 – Britlandish asks … Rainer who knows all about British traces in Berlin

30.09.2014 – Britlandish asks … Heiko who loves airplanes and Mondays

15.09.2014 – Britlandish asks … Helen who loves Germany so much she had to move here

01.09.2014 – Britlandish asks … Maria who lost her wee heart to beautiful Edinburgh

19. and 26.01.2014
Part 1: Britlandish asks … Janet whose heart beats half English, half German
Part 2: Britlandish asks … Janet whose heart beats half English, half German

25.10.2013 – Britlandish asks … Katharina to whom ‘English matters’

09.10.2013 – Britlandish asks … the Pieoneers!

27.09.2013 – Britlandish asks … Nicole who teaches winemakers English

13.09.2013 – Britlandish asks … Alison, language consultant

02.09.2013 – Britlandish asks … The British Cheese Emporium


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