Tall and Short Stories from Ireland – VHS Krefeld, 28.11.2014


The storytelling tradition still survives in Ireland. People still like to gather round an open fire and listen to the “Séanachies” tales about proud heroes, romantic love stories or spooky ghosts. A kind of magic is created and for a little while it’s easy to forget the outside world. You will hear some of these stories tonight. Lorcan Flynn comes from a family of Irish storytellers. The stories told to him by his folks had been learned in a line stretching back thousands of years.

Beginners in English will understand his easy English, native speakers will also enjoy it. Besides cheddar cheese and soda bread beverages will be offered to enjoy while listening (food included). 

Time: 19.00 – 21.00
Fee: 12 €
Source and registration: VHS Krefeld

Martin Parr: “We love Britain” – Exhibition at the Sprengel Museum in Hannover


British photographer Martin Parr was asked to search for possible traces of Britishness in and around Hannover – his results are on display from October 18 until February 22 at the Sprengel Museum.

When it comes to documenting cultural traditions, peculiarities and rituals, Martin Parr (born 1952) is one of the most influential photographers of the present day. The commonplace and the absurd are rarely far apart in Parr’s oeuvre. Parr never fights shy of poignant exaggerations and clichés, indeed, they are the order of the day. With his direct gaze and dry sense of humour, Martin Parr is one of the most overt chroniclers of our time.

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English theatre in Duisburg


The Duisburg University English Theatre (DUET) was started by Alan Webb and Elizabeth  
von Schoff in 1982. Based on English, American and Irish workshops of acting and directing, it has been performing plays for well over 30 years. New members have joined the group and stayed for several years, or just  for one single production, so change is a constant factor with DUET.  

If you feel the urge to get on stage and be part of a theatre group, get in touch with Alan Webb by phone (0201/183-3274 ) or send an e-mail to DUET@uni-due.de.

The winter term workshop will start today, 21st October 2014, new faces are always welcome!