‘Fiesta Europa’ in Antwerp – this weekend


This international market sounds like a lot of fun. Marketers from all across Europe will get together to celebrate Europe’s diversity. I have heard that “The Fudge Shop” from Mönchengladbach will be there, so the British part of Europe will also be represented ;) Take a look at the markets’s Facebook page (unfortunately only in Dutch) to find out more.

By the way: this event will be repeated – one week later in Brussels.

Britlandish asks … Helen who loves Germany so much she had to move here


Hi Helen,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ask you a couple of questions about your life here in Germany. To kick things off: Please tell me where you are originally from. And what made you come to Germany?

Originally I am from Bergisch Gladbach as that was where I was born (my parents were living in Germany as my Father worked for Ford in Köln at the time) but we moved back to the UK when I was 18 months old so I have no memories of Germany. I grew up in Essex in the south-east of England and didn’t visit Germany until I was about 28 years old when I went on a holiday to Berlin with a friend. I instantly loved being in Germany and felt really at home – and following on from that I found myself visiting Germany more and more, trying to learn the language and collecting random German friends that I met in England or on the internet. And then about twelve years ago the idea started to grow in me that I would like to live for a year in Germany (like a ‘gap year’ that lots of Brits have before University, but I didn’t) and I have been working towards that in the meantime. And, as you can see, I have managed it – I am finally here!

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