‘Scotland – a live documentation’ @ Kulturfabrik Krefeld, 19.10.2014


Gereon Roemer had a very close look at Scotland. For his live documentation “Grenzgang: Schottland” he discovered the most beautiful and unspoiled nature, crossed rivers by kayak, enjoyed whisky, kilts and bagpipes and eventually decided to present all this to an interested audience. 

When? 19.10.2014, 18:00

Where? Kulturfabrik Krefeld, Dießemer Str. 13, 47799 Krefeld

If you wish to order tickets, click on this link.

Britlandish asks … Heiko who loves airplanes and Mondays


Hi Heiko,

First of all let me thank you for finding time to answer my questions. I know that you lived in Ireland for a while. Would you tell me what you went there for?

I was young and needed the money! ;) To be honest: After 15 years I can’t really remember the reason. I think it was something my stomach told me. I had a job in a German company where they transferred me rom the export into the sales department, which was a reason to quit. I had this feeling that it would be good to spend some time abroad, I thought it would be cool to drive to work in Dublin and – the most thrilling reason of all – I wanted to improve my English.

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Dickens Festival in Deventer, NL, 20.-21.12.2014


Have you ever wondered what life was like back in Charles Dickens’ Victorian England? Good news are coming your way: you may either experience it at “Dickens World” in Chatham, UK (just read that the boat ride has been removed – what a shame!) or – if you are on the continent – at Deventer, Neitherlands. Every year, an entire weekend in December is dedicated to this famous writer and the whole city of Deventer turns into Victorian England.

Visit the website and take a look at the video to get an idea of what this events is like. And then get in your car on the 20th or 21st of December and see for yourself :)