English theatre in Duisburg


The Duisburg University English Theatre (DUET) was started by Alan Webb and Elizabeth  
von Schoff in 1982. Based on English, American and Irish workshops of acting and directing, it has been performing plays for well over 30 years. New members have joined the group and stayed for several years, or just  for one single production, so change is a constant factor with DUET.  

If you feel the urge to get on stage and be part of a theatre group, get in touch with Alan Webb by phone (0201/183-3274 ) or send an e-mail to DUET@uni-due.de.

The winter term workshop will start today, 21st October 2014, new faces are always welcome!

Britlandish asks … Rainer who knows all about British traces in Berlin


Hello Rainer,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ask you a couple of questions about your life and your special travel guide. I found it to be very interesting and hope my followers will do too!

To start things off: Please tell me where you are from.

My mother is from Hessen and worked in an office. My father is from Schwaben and was carpenter. They met in the American occupation zone in West Germany. He was a soldier there in the Light Aircraft Group and went to dance in the little city of Fritzlar – so it happened. My mother fell in love with the young men in his uniform. Some time later I was born in Stuttgart, but we did not stay there a long time.

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